​​1. N.C.I.A. believes we must build strong faithful lines of communication as we make ​available resources for our mission of love.

2. N.C.I.A. believes that our organization will be a support team for the community, churches, groups, etc. working ​together to establish excellent outreach ministries with tools, projects and programs that would help enhance ​ family’s ability to improve their quality of life.

3. N.C.I.A. believes that networking teams of knowledgeable people
who will assist the community in performing beneficial outreach tasks so strong, loving and productive. 

4. N.C.I.A. believes that our organization will be the link to establish the unity necessary to connect all churches for the purpose of developing Christian families and better communities. 

​​5. N.C.I.A. believes that hard work and good deeds will produce a lifetime of good leaders and positive role models.

6. N.C.I.A. believes we will accomplish and strengthen our efforts by praying and asking one million Christians to plant a seed of hope with their membership of $25.00 annually or  a one time life time membership of $500.00. 

7. N.C.I.A. believes in investing love in our communities is the key to lighting up love, joy and happiness on every corner. Love is the greatest investment we can make.

The N.C.I.A. Seven Heart Beliefs of Love
National Christians In Action believes  that if given the proper guidance, families can begin to develop a support system which can allow them to elevate their lives in a productive, cohesive, well-rounded manner. Our mission is provide resources to assist these individuals to better their lives in a "Home Away From Home" atmosphere.​ 
                                                                           N.C.I.A. Vision Statement

The vision of the National Christians In Action (N.C.I.A.) is to provide exceptional programs for families seeking assistance in life enhancement skills. Our goal is to provide mentoring, tutoring, parenting classes, workshops, recognition programs, scholarships and other social programs to deserving families in neglected communities. 
         N.C.I.A. Mission Statement

* Build an addition to create more than 2,000 square feet for more class rooms, larger kitchen and and wider rooms.

* Add on multi-purpose room-This will service those interested in renting space for showers, receptions, reprise, family reunions, etc.

*To purchase additional land-Our goal is to purchase additional land in our surrounding area to facilitate other projects.

*To train adults and our youth on various internet marketing on earning income through various internet marketing sources.

*To provide jobs for our communities.

*To provide resource center for various communities.

This we believe in the name of Jesus will allow us to plant seeds of love in all of our disadvantaged local communities helping to grow love trees of hope.